Vapir No2 Digital Cordless Vape Review

Vapir offer vaporizers perfect for those who want to savor herbs or share it with friends anywhere, and for groups who like to inhale herbs they’ve got you covered with a quality vape that lets you take pleasure in the pure effects. The Vapir NO2 is a portable vaporizer which fits in your hand, and we were pleasantly surprised us by how fast it heats up, although there is one thing that’s a tiny bit of a bummer, which is that the vapor is on the hot side. It might be everything you want in a vaporizer.

Though a bit bulky, the Vapir NO2.V2 heats up quickly, has a big chamber, and, most importantly, it looks more like a wireless mic as it is larger than its contemporaries and won’t fit in a pocket. What’s awful about some vaporizers is that they have short battery life, stopping you from enjoying an extended session, but using the NO2.V2 is pleasurable in that sense, as it provides an excellent tasting flavor and temperature settings are instantly saved as it is always ready to use! The Vapir NO2 is a dry herb vaporizer on the market since 2010, due to the many benefits that it provides: an ergonomic vaporizer above average quality and added flexibility.

All their vaporizers are superb as they are, but you can purchase additional accessories at very affordable prices, such as caps or power kits. If you plan on using this vape be prepared to re-pack the chamber, which is extremely easy to refill, and be aware that this vaporizer can also be used while plugged in, as we found that the battery lasts about an hour or about four sessions. The Vapir is powered by a rechargeable battery, which is a neat trick as you don’t need to keep the thing plugged in.

There is a small LED display in Fahrenheit or Celsius, powering the unit on is user-friendly, without complicated rituals, and though a bit bulky, it is lightweight for its size, solidly built and could last several years. Vapir No2 Vaporizer comes with accessories, has only two pieces, good vapor quality, adjustable heat settings, ergonomic design and car charger, but there are also cons to it: it’s larger than some portables, it has a smaller vaporizer herb chamber, and the vapor continues to flow. One tip for you is that even know the recommended temp is 365, you ought to set it between 355 and 360, because when you have it set higher the herbs start getting a slight burnt taste, but you should try to get the temperature that works best for you.

The Vapir NO2.V2 is ready to use and this is testament to the simplicity, with no extra complication, so just plug in the power cord and put in the herb by opening the top lid and placing it without over packing. Vapir NO2 has a suggested retail price of $220, but you can purchase it with discount, and produces very good quality vapor, although it doesn’t rival the flavor of a desktop vaporizer.

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